Mr. Faruk Bahceci Chairman of the Board
Mr. Mustafa Bahceci CEO
Mr. Osman Narman Deputy General Manager of Sales&Purchase
Mr. Kemal Bahceci Foreign Trade Manager/ Member of the Board
Mr. Orhun Orhun Foreign Trade Regional Manager (CIS-MENA-AFRICA-FAREAST)
Mrs. A.Nuray Tasan (Food Engineer) Production Responsee – Responsible Manager
Miss. Ruya Duranoglu Food Engineer
Miss. Basak Dilek  Food Engineer
Mr. Mehmet Canbulan (Pharmacist) Consultant for Pharma products
Quality Control
Mr. Kemal Besbas Senior Foreman
Mr. Ramazan Özkan Financial Advisor
Graphic Design
Mr. Osman Soylu
Cardboard Boxes & Packaging & Printing
Mr. Ahmet Soylu
Member of Foreign Trade Department
Miss. Öznur Öncel
New Product Development – Private Label
Miss. Dilek Türk
Licensing – Certification
Mrs. Ayse Tasan
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