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Company Profile,Meksmar natural products production and marketing ltd. co. was established in 1985 and started to produce traditional and specific confectionery. After 2000 Meksmar has renewed its machinery and packaging units and become able to use modern techniques for production of hard candies, bonbons, lozenges.

In year 2003, Meksmar has been specialized on producing herbal pastilles and lozenges. In recent years the company has become one of the major player at pharmacy lozenges market. Meksmar has in this market and the other trade markets, four different brands have been offered to the customers that one of those had the second place at the annual sales amount, according to official reports.

From the pharmacy market to retail chains and supermarkets, Meksmar has a lot of agreement that each demand of these agreed companies is different concerning as our products. Some of these products are for the biggest and also famous retail chain of Turkey as well which has approximately 3.500 branches. Meksmar has more than forty kinds of flavours, herbal oils and grinded herbs.

Apart from the domestic sales, we export product range to the outer part of our boundary. This abroad facility has been progressing with an enormous acceleration that our products have been sent to European and Middle Eastern countries such as, England, Germany, Sweden, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Oman, Quatar, Kuwait and Jordan. The products sold in Gulf Countries has been legalized and registrated by Ministry of Health of U.A.E.

Meksmar has production facilities composed of three buildings and has got total area of 11.700 square meter closed area for production, packaging, stock area and other social places are totally 8.200 square meter. Production is held on, under the standard of ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 criterias, followed by our food engineers.

One of the advantages of Meksmar is, it has a printing and packrtertaging materials assembling unit. All the printed materials, boxes, outerboxes, cartoon materials are printed, cut and formed by itself. This advantage lets Meksmar to produce private label production for other companies even for small quantities.

Beside that by our engineers and executives to be a part of vast competition all the innovation are pursued each year. For the best demonstration Meksmar presents the uppermost quality of sweets to costumers with an incredible flavour variety and unprecedented tastes.

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